Stuck on Loading... screen at startup

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Stuck on Loading... screen at startup

Post by John » Tue Dec 02, 2014 1:42 pm

Some people have had a problem where TorrentRover get's stuck on the Loading screen. It looks like this:
Main Loading
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This is fixed in the latest dev build, v0.22.11, but there is a fix/workaround for previous versions too.

1. Close TorrentRover if it's open.
2. Open an explorer (My Computer) window.
3. Type "%localappdata%\TorrentRover" into the address bar and press Enter.
4. Change the view to Details view if it's not already set to Details view.
5. Sort by Date Modified.
6. Open the folder with the most recent Date Modified date. It will look something like TorrentRover.exe_Url_sdjuhskjnhaskjndgknadlkjljsldfj.
7. Open the folder that matches your version ( is the latest version as of this post). It's probably the most recently changed folder here as well.
8. Open the user.config file with any text editor. It's an XML file that stores the information that TorrentRover uses to run. The Keys all have a Value.
9. Find the "CheckForDefinitionUpdates" Key. Change the Value to True. If the Key is missing, just add it.
Edit user.config
image.png (35.67KiB)Viewed 33372 times
10. Save the file and close the text editor.
11. Open TorrentRover again. It will now be able to get past the Loading... screen.
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