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Save search result as CSV file

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 5:18 am
by Yoda

Your TorrentRover is very powerful, good job!
I ask You if it's possible to save result of a search as CSV file and add an option to:
File > Export TorrentRover file as > and Save as file (Rover_content).CSV (any file_name). ;)
Maybe You can look inside the sources of 'Xml to Csv Conversion Tool':
- web site: xmltocsv.codeplex.**m/
These sources (KB 312) are in C# 4.0.

Re: Save search result as CSV file

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 7:13 am
by John
I love adding new features! I'd be happy to do it!

Out of curiosity, why would you want the TorrentRover (xml) file in csv format? Do you have some slickness in mind? If so, I might want to do the same thing! 8-)

Also, how do you expect the file to be formatted?

Usually a csv file represents data in a single matrix/grid. TorrentRover files consist of a complex hierarchy of Model, Rovers, Searches, and Torrents. Model contains an array (list) of RoverData objects. Each RoverData contains an array of RoverSearch objects, but usually the array has a single search (weekly/daily Rovers may contain more than one search). Each RoverSearch contains an array of TorrentData objects.

What I'm trying to say is that the data isn't exactly linear or easily convertible to a row/column layout. How do you suggest I format the csv file?

I assume since you even know codeplex that you're some form of programmer or software developer. Let me know what you think...

Re: Save search result as CSV file

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:03 am
by Yoda
Hi John,

Rover files, in my opinion, are queries costantly updated, but I think to a static snapshot about an argument (torrent sites may go down).
Really I have alredy obtained off-line my csv file.
1. launch a search on TorrentRover (for example 'Linux Mint')
2. select (manually! ...) all files of Your search
3. Export TorrentRover file as: Linux Mint.xml
4. download the file 'Xml To Csv Conversion Tool' , unzip and launch it (it's portable)
5. launch 'Moor.XmlToCsvConverter.exe' , select Linux Mint.xml (encoding: default) and select last item <Torrents> then press 'Convert to CSV'
6. open the file 'Linux Mint.csv' with 'CSVed Portable' by sjfrancke ( or LibreOffice Portable.
7. backup this file or send it to Your friends
8. by the way You can sort this file by uploader, torrent_file_name, seeders or other field.
This csv file contains magnet address and I will try to open/copy these address to a torrent client (Tixati, maybe).
But, in effect, no, this feature is not necessary.
This it's all.

No, unfortunately I am not a programmer.

Re: Save search result as CSV file

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 11:10 am
by John
So you are wanting to be able to export a csv list of torrent results from a single search? So you can share this with your friends and such?

I'm sure that's possible, but currently, the download links are not part of the torrent result. The torrent result URL is present though. That would be output in the csv. Is that what you're after??