Bug Report Rules - READ THIS FIRST!

Report bugs here. If you're not sure of the cause, use the troubleshooting forum instead.
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Bug Report Rules - READ THIS FIRST!

Post by Sean » Mon Feb 17, 2014 7:05 pm

Please DO NOT duplicate bug reports. Search the forums for the bug BEFORE you submit to avoid duplicates.

Please DO NOT post bug reports for old/outdated versions of TorrentRover. Only report the bug if the bug exists in the current stable or beta version of TorrentRover. If you're not sure if you have the latest version, here's the TorrentRover Version History.

Please post bug reports in the following format:

TorrentRover Version*
Expected Behavior*
Actual Behavior*
Steps to reproduce the Actual Behavior (You might not be able to supply this, but do the best you can)

* indicated required information.

Here's an example:

John Loper II
TorrentRover v0.22.9 beta
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

TorrentRover should download a torrent when I double click on it.

TorrentRover displays an error that says...

Enter a search in Quick Search box. Double click result. Get error message. Check TorrentRover Event Viewer (Tools -> Event Viewer), scroll to bottom, and see error 10005.

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